About Project

EU Nature Conservation in Turkey Forests Project is supported under Civil Society Dialogue Programme. The Programme aims to bring together civil society organisations from Turkey and the EU around common topics, to exchange knowledge and experience, and to build a sustained conversation between them.
The Ministry for European Union Affairs is the responsible institution for the technical implementation of the programme, while the Central Finance and Contracts Unit is the Contracting Authority of the Programme.


Overall Objectives:

1) Determining the capacity to select Natura 2000 areas in the forested areas of Turkey
2) Strengthening the civil dialogue in the forested areas of Turkey based on EU policies for nature conservation


Specific Objectives:

1) Assessment of national data for Natura 2000 areas
2) The development of research activities in case studies
3) The implementation of EU Natura 2000 in forested areas in Turkey
4) Activities to inform and clarify the Natura 2000 concept to stakeholders (NGOS, communities and governmental agencies) at local and regional level
5) Awareness raisi