Events started in our project Events started in our EU Funded Project on NATURA 2000

As we are the main beneficary The Foresters' Association of Turkey undersigned agreement of the project named "Practicability of EU Natura 2000 Concept in the Forested Areas of Turkey".  which is funded by European Union and Republic of Turkey Government under Civil Society Dialogue between EU and Turkey – IV Environment Grant Scheme on 24th December 2015. T main beneficary The co-beneficiaries are Karabük University Forestry Faculty and  Naturschutzbund Deutschland (NABU) Deutschland.

As the first event The Foresters' Association (TOD) members of board and project staff visited Germany, Berlin for training and site visits in Natura 2000 Lands. The latest news was also published in Orman ve Av (Forest and Hunting) magazine. TOD periodical Forest and Hunting (Orman Ve Av) started to be published in 1928 and its the unique long-term publishing on nature with the same name.